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Make Your Chocolate Fantasies Come True!

The Bard wrote: “If music be the food of love, play on.”

People are a company’s greatest assets, especially in a people oriented food service one like Chocolate Room. Therefore the need for passionate young people committed to making people happy, which is what chocolate is all about.

The emphasis is on finding and training them and then ensuring that such people stay on to personify The Chocolate Room, with its own consistent set of values and clear direction to its place in a growing market.

If chocolate is the stuff of your dreams and if you have nursed your service skills well, come hone them at the Chocolate Room, the new age setting for a brand new culture… the Chocolate One!!

This is where you can participate in creating new chocolate fantasies, using the finest quality available, with talented chefs leading the way.

Check out the list of openings that might just include one which would be the perfect fit for you. Send us your complete resume with a covering letter specifying exactly which position you are applying for. email:

You may leave your complete application with the branch that you wish to work with, if you prefer. Please note that only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted.