Coffee Shop Master Franchise Opportunities in Indonesia

Dreaming of food and beverage business? Get a never before franchise business chance to turn your dreams into reality. Affordable, effective and lucrative business model is what Chocolate Room cafe master franchise is all about. As a master franchisee of reputed cafe and bistro brand, you will be entitled to perks such as continuous operational support, open access to award winning menu, help with training, guidance on hiring staff, etc. Therefore, step into exciting, vibrant and profitable world of cafe master franchising from Chocolate Room and make unimaginable profits being your own boss.

Why Chocolate Room Café Master Franchise in Indonesia?

Indonesia is the world’s largest island country and also the fourth most populous country. Its economy is the largest in Southeast Asia. In terms of GDP, it is the seventh largest and is well backed up by economic steadiness. All these ranks simply mean rapid industrialization and favourable business climate. In addition, the presence of great domestic market due to huge population provides multiple business opportunities. Café business aspirants can take advantage of such a profitable environment by investing in Chocolate Room café master franchise in Indonesia.

Another favourable element for considering chocolate café master franchise is the strong domestic consumption, which is also one of the key economic drivers in Indonesia. Meaning, the people tend to spend more. Majority of the population is Muslim and they are usually sweet toothed. Moreover, Indonesian economy is projected to grow five to six per cent in 2018. This can lead to further increase in purchasing power of the people and eventually result in strong business performance, especially for business owners of coffee shops or bistros. Therefore, as a Chocolate Room master franchisee, you can readily tap into the tremendous potential by opting for master franchising in Indonesia. The advantages do not end here. It is also expected to become the 7th largest economy in 2030.


The tourism industry in Indonesia is robust and is driven majorly by nature and culture. The natural heritage and ethnic diversity are the major attractions. The cultural tourism is enriched with popular ancient temples such as Prambanan and Borobuddur; Hindu festivities in Bali and Toraja. Coming to the natural attractions, beaches, coral reefs, volcanic sea mounts, Bunaken National Marine Park, forests on Sumatra and Kalimantan, Orang Utan wildlife, etc. are the most visited destinations by national and international travellers.

Besides, Indonesia is a home to 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Ujung Kulon National Park, Lorentz National Park, Komodo National Park, Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra, Cultural Landscape of Bali, etc. The historic urban centers include Sawahlunto Old Coal Mining Town, Semarang Old Town, Jakarta Old Town, etc. Thus, Indonesia has lot of amazing attractions to keep the tourists flowing in from all parts of the world. Such a tourist crowd can be transformed into huge customer base for café master franchise from Chocolate Room and reap high return on investment.

In 2010, Travel and Leisure has awarded Bali Island in Indonesia as the Best Island because of its captivating surroundings, assorted tourist attractions, coastal areas, exceptional international and local restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc. Additionally, with many dive sites, it is a prime destination for surfing in the world. Westerners love surfing and hence this beautiful island welcomes large number of tourists. Chocolate Room café master franchise along with sub franchises can thrive well here by catering to the light refreshment needs of tourists.

In 2015, Indonesia witnessed around 10.4 million international visitors and this number has increased from then. Therefore, grab the opportunity to cash on such a massive tourist presence, economic stability and high spending potential with extraordinary café master franchise from Chocolate Room right today.

Chocolate Room Cafe penetrates international markets. This time, it is Café Master Franchise in Indonesia.

Chocolate Room Cafe, representing itself proudly in 20+ states and 50+ cities across India, has grown to an International brand with overall 235 plus stores. With such an impressive presence, today, Chocolate Room cafe is more enabled to spread the most cherished chocolate culture through many more outlets in different regions of Indonesia. Such a unique chocolate café master franchise initiative is sure to provide multiple value added business opportunities across Indonesia. Be an esteemed part of India’s No.1 chocolate cafe brand today!

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