Coffee Shop Master Franchise Opportunities in Taiwan

Coffee shops are mushrooming everywhere because drinking coffee has become more of a lifestyle than a mere beverage. Today, cafes have grown as the best places to hang out with friends, families and associates. Even business meets are conducted at coffee shops. If you are a coffee lover and have a dream of running your own cafe, then cafe master franchise is the best quick way to fulfil your dream. Chocolate Room is one of the most sought after cafe and bistro brand in India. Operating successfully in almost all major Indian cities, it is now offering cafe master franchise opportunities to business enthusiasts in Taiwan.

Why Chocolate Room Café Master Franchise in Taiwan?

Taiwan, the 22nd-largest economy in the world, is one of the Four Asian Tigers. It has a very dynamic and export-driven economy. In terms of foreign reserves, it ranks as the fifth largest. Besides, it is one of the most highly educated nations of the world. The country is very much popular for its electronic products, motorcycles, and good food. However, the lesser known is its sophisticated coffee culture.

Almost every street has a chic coffee shop that allows you to escape the outside chaos. Even the convenience stores here serve coffee. The love for coffee in Taiwan is so strong that tea has become a thing of the past. Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, is rapidly becoming the world’s next grand coffee city. Although, there is great number of bistro and coffee shop franchises already operating successfully in Taiwan, there is still a great demand for new franchised cafes. Therefore, café master franchise from Chocolate Room is definitely a profitable venture.


Taiwan is one of the most densely populated nations with vibrant culture. People here are friendly and love entertainment, shopping and eating. Hence, there are many night markets or open-air markets in Taiwan. These crowded markets are very popular for numerous bargains on all sorts of wares, food and clothing. Chocolate Room café master franchise and sub-franchises can cater to the refreshment needs of such tired shoppers and make huge profits. Besides, with these night markets being thronged in thousands all seasons, there is no dearth of customers for your coffee shop master franchise from Chocolate Room. Most importantly, Taiwanese just love snacking. Therefore, provide diverse coffee concoctions, sandwiches, pastas, chocolate delicacies such as mousse, fudges, brownies, truffles and you are on your best way to attract never ending loyal customers for your Chocolate Room café master franchise.

Taiwan is also a tourist destination and the top experiences include, Longshan Temple, Blue Tears, National Palace Museum, Minquan Old Street, Taiwan’s Ninth National Park, Tianliao Stone Temple, Alishan Forest Recreation Area, Taipei 101, Shei-Pa National Park, Sun Moon Lake, etc. All these amazing tourist places receive travellers from all corners of the world and hence can serve as best locations for setting up Chocolate Room café master franchise.

Grab an exciting business opportunity in Taiwan with Chocolate Room café master franchise today and get fantastic perks such as expert consultation, marketing support, pre-opening assistance, operational support, access to Chocolate Room menu and much more. Besides, as a cafe master franchisee, you can be an ambassador for India’s most trusted and loved chocolate cafe brand that is Chocolate Room.

Chocolate Room Cafe penetrates international markets. This time, it is Café Master Franchise in Taiwan.

Chocolate Room Cafe, representing itself proudly in 20+ states and 50+ cities across India, has grown to an International brand with overall 235 plus stores. With such an impressive presence, today, Chocolate Room cafe is more enabled to spread the most cherished chocolate culture through many more outlets in different regions of Taiwan. Such a unique chocolate café master franchise initiative is sure to provide multiple value added business opportunities across Taiwan. Be an esteemed part of India’s No.1 chocolate cafe brand today!

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