Low-Cost Coffee Shop Café Master Franchise Opportunities in Assam

Known for its tea plantation fields, Majuli village and amazing wildlife worldwide, Assam is a great holiday destination for a lot of travellers or other tourists of India. Our low-cost coffee shop café master franchise opportunities in Assam is to empower the entrepreneurs. With this franchise, you will be able to get our esteemed brand name that will make your products sell themselves. Ours is an established café chain and hence, our marketing strategies will ensure a higher rate of success from day one. We also provide you with store merchandise regularly.

Why The Chocolate Room Cafe Master Franchise in Assam?

The biggest problem of the state is unemployment despite having higher education. The young talents are getting wasted in the state due to this. Therefore, the benefits they reap from our coffee shop business franchise opportunities will be helpful for them. We will provide regular support for your store’s daily operational activities. Our award-winning recipes that have won a million heart, will be shared with you. So, that your sales maximize from the very beginning of setting up your new store.

The state that produces more than half of India’s tea, Assam also produces 12% of India’s total petroleum. Agriculture and handloom industries are also the biggest sectors in the state economy. Apart from petroleum and tea, the biggest contribution of the state to the country are industries based locally available minerals, food processing industries, paper making industries, chemical and plastic based industries, cane and bamboo-based industries, biotech products, textiles, and sericulture, etc. A lot of people from the whole country go to Assam to work for these industries. Therefore, the state has a lot of small business opportunities.


In order to nature’s treasure trove, you will have to land on Assam. With an amazing climate all over the year the state is so rich in every possible landscape with the mighty Himalayas and the Brahmaputra valley, famously called ‘The Land of Red Rivers and Blue Hills’. The major tourist attractions of the state are Kaziranga National Park, Kamakhya Temple, Manas National Park, Nameri National, Charaideo, Kaziranga National Orchid Biodiversity Park, Samaguri Satra, Talatal Ghar, Ahom Temples, etc. Thousands of tourists come every year to live in the adventure. And for a place of tourists the coffee shops or cafes are an intense place for relaxation. So, our café franchise business opportunities are the best suited for industries like this.

Assam has a large number of good institutions, colleges, and universities, namely IIT Guwahati, IIIT Guwahati, NIT Silchar, Assam Medical College in Dibrugarh, Tezpur Medical College & Hospital in Tezpur, Assam University, Kaziranga University, Assam Agriculture University, Cotton University, Assam Engineering College in Guwahati, etc. Students from all over the country come for taking degrees in some of the very eminent institutes and colleges. Therefore, it has immense business opportunities for coffee shops and cafes.

The Chocolate Room Is Spreading Its Cafe Master Franchise Business Wings in Assam

Our master franchise opportunities in Assam is to promote low-cost small business opportunity for the young and talented entrepreneurs in the state. We will be providing you with every kind of support starting from store layout and design to operation and marketing. We even assist you to hire the right staff for your store and provide them with efficient training to run the store successfully. We are present in 23 states in India and 8 countries around the world and are seeking your support to make our presence in the state.

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