Coffee Shop Franchise Opportunities in Ernakulam

Day to day life is about socialising. One could be a dweller or could be a traveller, a café is a part of his/her outdoor life. Thankfully we live in an era like such which –through cosy hangout places– not only offers people a good experience with friends and family but also brings entrepreneurs small business opportunities. From a business perspective, however, not every place carries the same importance. As a successful international chain business, The Chocolate Room aspires to be present in markets where success is inevitable. Therefore, we are offering coffee café franchise opportunities in Ernakulam, and look forward to seeing local entrepreneurs making the most out of it.

Why The Chocolate Room Franchise in Ernakulam?

If you are a local, you hardly need any explanation why you should seize the coffee shop franchise opportunity in Ernakulam from The Chocolate Room. Above all, Coffee and Chocolate are more familiar things in Kerala than any other part of India- even more so in Ernakulam. The city is Ernakulam is located towards the east of Kochi and houses the Office of the Corporation of Kochi and the Cochin Stock Exchange. The old capital of the Kingdom of Cochin, being a major financial and commercial hub of the state, has been described as a natural incubator for many Malayali entrepreneurs. Apart from that, tourism has also contributed heavily to the economy of the city. Being a part of the Kochi Smart City project and being home to a large number of university/college students, the city becomes a natural pick for starting a venture in food and beverage franchise business.

Along with Kochi, Ernakulam hosts a number of big corporate houses, and a several small and midsized IT companies. The city has a clean lifestyle, and it attracts people from not just all parts of India but beyond to live here. Due to the upcoming mega projects at an administrative level to transform the city, again there would be more job opportunities which would intensify the immigration of people. There are many interest-based activity groups in the city, and hangout places of every kind are crowded throughout the year. If you have some good drinks and delicacies, and a space that is catchy and vibrant, then it wouldn’t take much time to get popular. This is exactly the reason why we are opening up with our café franchise business opportunities in Ernakulam!


A major part of Ernakulam’s economy is based on tourism, and it is no surprise for the topmost ranked city in India in terms of the number of domestic tourists visiting. Temples, old churches, its culture, cuisine, Ayurveda treatments, close by beaches, forts etc. are also responsible why even international travelers and backpackers are seen all throughout the year. Not far from here there are also many trekking spots and waterfalls. On any corner of the city you may have your coffee shop, still your place is going to be flooded with people. If your products are of good taste and quality, and if you appear fancy, then you just hit the jackpot. The fastest way to achieve this is to grab our business franchise opportunities in Ernakulam.

Ernakulam has been a very important educational centre in Kerala. There are many universities and colleges that can be describes as youth centers of the city. Cochin University of Science and Technology, Maharajas College, St. Teresa’s College, St. Albert’s College, Sacred Heart College, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Bharata Mata College, School of Engineering, CUSAT, Government Model Engineering College, Government Law College etc. are some of the educational institutes that attract young people from not only different parts of Kerala but also neighboring states. The demand and liking for chocolate drinks and everlasting popularity of coffee in this part of South India makes it a mecca for coffee shop business. Any café franchise opportunity in Ernakulam, therefore, is meant to be grabbed!

The Chocolate Room Is Spreading Its Franchise Business Wings in Ernakulam.

As an international brand with a successful history we are growing along with entrepreneurs that have become our members. We are also having our presence in neighboring Kochi with multiple stores, apart from our worldwide more than 230 stores in 8 countries. After looking at the prospects in Ernakulam, and its incubator like environment where a small business like coffee shops would thrive, we have decided to lay out café franchise business opportunities with a low cost.

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