Low Cost Coffee Shop Franchise Opportunities in Guwahati

Coffee is a well-liked drink that is welcome anytime and anywhere by young, adult and old. With a great young population and increasing urbanisation, coffee culture is rapidly catching up in Guwahati and The Chocolate Room cafes are transforming into key social hubs. Coffee shops are a great stopover for an endless conversation with friends, a private talk with a special someone, business meeting or merely a family gathering. The Chocolate Room coffee shop offers a relaxing and refreshing environment involving soft music, graffiti walls, restful couches and of course out of the ordinary flavours of coffee and hence they are undeniably the most preferred place for people of all ages.

Why The Chocolate Room Franchise in Guwahati?

Guwahati is the largest and major riverine port city of Assam. This fifth fastest growing metropolitan in India is also one of the 100 fastest growing cities of the world. Moreover, Guwahati is the key commercial, educational and industrial hub of eastern India. In addition to being a commercial hub, it boasts of second largest commercial tea production. The city extends several economic prospects and hence people from all cities of India are settling down in Guwahati. In order to create investment-friendly environment and promote investments, Assam Ease of Doing Business Bill, 2016, was introduced- making Guwahati a preferred business destination in every aspect. Such an initiative is sure to bring great business prospects for The Chocolate Room store. Therefore, gear up to grab the opportunity with The Chocolate Room Franchising Program and get expert guidance to run your franchised coffee shop.

Guwahati has a historical, cultural and aesthetic importance and hence people have countless reasons to visit the city. It is rich in temples and wildlife. Guwahati is considered a pilgrim site for Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists. Being rich in ancient Hindu temples, it is referred as “City of Temples”. The famous temples are the Kamakhya temple, Umananda temple, Navagraha temple, Basistha temple, Hajo, etc. Apart from domestic tourists, international tourists in huge numbers visit these sacred places. Said that, foreigners are fond of chic coffee shops such as The Chocolate Room that not only offers the required world menu but also the refreshing ambience. Additionally, the city has famous wildlife spots like national parks, zoos and wildlife sanctuaries due to its diverse wildlife, attracting hordes of tourists. Such a heavy traffic can be advantageous for The Chocolate Room franchise aspirants. Thus, with a constant flow of tourists all through the year, they can successfully grow their business with confidence.


Guwahati is a key educational hub of eastern India that houses numerous leading educational establishments. It boasts three esteemed universities and many management, medical, engineering, technical and law colleges. The most popular ones are IIT Guwahati campus, The Cotton College, Arya Vidyapeeth College, Assam Engineering Institute, Assam Institute of Management, Indian Institute for Hotel Management (IIHM), College of Veterinary Science, Government Ayurvedic College, etc. Thus, it attracts students from different corners of the world. This large student population can possibly form a great consumer base for The Chocolate Room, as the younger generation has a greater fondness for the coolest coffee shop like The Chocolate Room where they can sit with other students to talk about assignments or just enjoy a lengthy chat with their friends, sipping coffee and munching delightful delicacies. Besides, Guwahati offers extensive shopping options for all kinds of people. Along with bustling shopping streets, the city features well-structured and modern shopping malls, multiplex cinema halls, business facilities, etc. The popular places for both budget and hi-end shopping are The Cube Mall, The Hub Mall, Dona Planet, Kolkata Bazaar, Fancy Bazaar, Paan Bazaar, Paltan Bazaar, GS Road, Ganesh Gudi, etc. These malls, halls and colourful busy streets with facilities for eating, entertainment, shopping, are never dearth of people. Hence, are suitable for The Chocolate Room franchising.

The Chocolate Room is spreading its franchise business wings in Guwahati.

The Chocolate Room, India’s No.1 Chocolate Cafe, has 9 years of experience in franchising industry. So far, it has successfully served and satisfied 9 million customers. The Chocolate Room, representing itself proudly in 20+ states and 50+ cities, has grown to 200 plus stores across India today. This Indian brand has its presence in more than eight different countries. Getting bigger progressively, now it is expanding its territories by providing countless franchise opportunities across the city. The Chocolate Room is creating a new chocolate culture in Guwahati. Many new areas are added up to the list regularly, as the franchise expansion plans in Guwahati are quite high.

Current Locations of The Chocolate Room Franchise in Guwahati.

Guwahati– The Chocolate Room is receiving a great demand for its coffee shop franchising and hence it is soon to establish its strong presence in Guwahati.

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