Low Cost Coffee Shop Franchise Opportunities in Kolkata

Eating out with friends and families is the most cherished experience for any Indian. This consumption pattern keeps the food business growing irrespective of economic ups and downs. Food and beverage business segment, especially a coffee shop comes with huge certainty of reaping profits any time of the year. Speedy and effective expansion of café business requires a popular and proven business concept. The Chocolate Room franchising is one such model that is being taken up by many café franchise aspirants because of its unique appealing factors- low priced, highly rewarding, guaranteed filling profits, easy set-up and operations, already established brand equity, etc.

Why The Chocolate Room Franchise in Kolkata?

Kolkata, the cultural capital of India, is also known as the “City of Furious, Creative Energy”. It is the third-most populous metropolitan area in the country and the chief commercial, educational and ultimate food hub of East India. The talented and passionate people of Kolkata are fond of food, politics, sports, religion, news, books, art, films, music, culture, etc. And if you marvel, where does all such debates and discussions brew at? They be mad about to hangout and muse on deep subjects in “Addas”, a fundamental part of Bengali culture where ceaseless talks happen over coffee and desserts. Cafes are the best place for these casual conversations that take place in addas. Any Bengali, irrespective of his or her busy schedule, takes delight in adda sessions. For them, an addda at café is worth it because any time is a chat time and equally a snack time. Famous writers, poets, thinkers, philosophers, art directors, literature enthusiasts, culturists, revolutionists, etc. have discovered themselves here at coffee shops in Kolkata. Kolkata, being a city of adda lovers, poses a plenty of opportunities for The Chocolate Room café. Because, the people here crave for a suitable atmosphere, where they can munch on quality quick bites, sip a coffee and have a hearty chat. Besides, these food lovers believe in celebrating every moment of life and hence their eventful lives. So count on these addas that are infused with intellectuals, artists, politicians, students, etc. to reap steady profits as a café owner.

The buying power of Kolkata populace is rising high and this has resulted in a gush of shopping arcades. The city has many shopping districts such as Park Street, Camac street,, Shakespeare Sarani, etc. that cater to people of different income groups. Along with commercial set ups, boutiques, shopping malls, restaurants, it has standalone eateries. The famous shopping malls in Kolkata are Forum Mall, City Centre, South City, Metropolis, Axis Mall, etc. The Chocolate Room franchise at such an all-season visited places, attracting never ending crowds, can yield high returns on investment. In addition, Kolkata is famous for its club culture. It harbours many clubs such as Bengal Club, Calcutta Club, Tollygunge Club, The Saturday club, Royal Calcutta Golf Club, The Calcutta Cricket and Football Club, etc. Most of these clubs have bakeries, coffee shops, and eating facilities. Even these can serve as best locations for expanding The Chocolate Room stores in Kolkata.

The chocolate room Kolkata

The IT sector in the city is experiencing a dramatic growth at 70% per annum. The Chocolate Room franchise aspirants can take advantage of this untapped potential that is promising myriad of benefits. In addition, the student population is swelling at an increased rate because of popular educational institutes of academic and historical interest such as, Asiatic Society, University of Calcutta, Presidency College, IIM Calcutta, Scottish Church College, Indian Statistical Institute, etc. The Chocolate Room café can serve as the best hangout for college students or friends to talk over syllabi, share intellect or just spend some quality time. Kolkata also has a surplus of tourist attractions covering galleries, heritage buildings, amusement parks, temples, museums, synagogues, palatial mansions, etc. The tourist crowd may also contribute to the growth of The Chocolate Room coffee shops.

Thus, Kolkata, being home to venerable cultural institutions, professional scientific institutions, universities, cricketing venues, football grounds, shopping districts, eat streets, sets the required environment for The Chocolate Room franchise. Besides, the growing investments in infrastructure, retail, real estate, hospitality and shopping complexes in the city, present a great opportunity for The Chocolate Room cafe. If you are a café business aspirant who loves casual discussions, food and coffee, then Kolkata is an apt place to have The Chocolate Room coffee shop. Become a franchisee to get complete business support and reap the baked in benefits such as store management and operations assistance, recruitment of staff, sales training and access to marketing strategies.

The Chocolate Room is spreading its franchise business wings in Kolkata.

The Chocolate Room, representing itself proudly in 20+ states and 50+ cities, has grown to 200 plus stores across India today. Getting bigger progressively, now it is expanding its territories in Kolkata by providing countless franchise opportunities across the city. The Chocolate Room is creating a new chocolate culture in Kolkata. Many new areas are added up to the list regularly, as the franchise expansion plans in Kolkata are quite high.

Current Locations of The Chocolate Room Franchise in Kolkata.

Presently, Kolkata has a single store in Shakespeare Sarani, which is The Chocolate Room’s anchor store in the east region. Since its inception, the store has been running successfully, reaping greater profits. The Chocolate Room is coming up with FIVE new stores by the end of 2016 or by early 2017, providing ample motivation for would be franchisees to open The Chocolate Room stores in east region cities.

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