Coffee Shop Franchise Opportunities in Mohali

There can be no better spellbinding experience of relaxation than to sipping a hot chocolaty coffee at a stylish and graceful cafe. If you too agree on this way of composure, then come join The Chocolate Room Franchise. The Chocolate Room is a well-known International Coffee Café chain brand and is providing its low-cost coffee shop franchise opportunities in Mohali.

Mohali’s identity has gone beyond being the home to a famous cricket stadium. It is rapidly emerging as the most important city and market in the state of Punjab as the IT sector is growing at a fast pace while causing dense immigration and giving rise to new business opportunities, especially in the food and beverage industry. Impelled by the growth of the city as a huge market, Therefore, we are offering our coffee café franchise opportunities in Mohali.

Why The Chocolate Room Franchise in Mohali?

In Mohali, the idea of opening a cafe business can never go wrong. However, the major aspects one must ensure while looking for business opportunities are- investment & return and the risk involved. The Chocolate Room fulfils both these aspects. It has a unique franchise model that provides low-cost small business opportunities that are not only profitable but also without any risk. And, a city like Mohali -with its numerous tourist destinations, educational institutes, youth-oriented sports culture and a rapidly growing IT industry that is creating a class of people with higher purchasing power- just adds to the scopes that come with our coffee shop franchise opportunities.

Mohali, also known as Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar or Ajitgarh, is a part of Chandigarh Tricity along with Chandigarh and Panchkula. The three cities are collectively known as Chandigarh Capital Region or Greater Chandigarh. This means with our café franchise business opportunities in Mohali you would have a chance to serve a larger market than you possibly thought. The Tricity is also home to many national and multinational ITC companies such as Punjab Tractor Limited (PTL), Punjab Communications Limited, Vodafone, Tata Communications, Godrej, etc.  More are following the league and making way for thousands of qualified personnel to come up and take the jobs. And that directly adds to our customer groups while making the franchise scopes look more promising.


Mohali attracts a large number of tourists as it has some very beautiful places to visit such as Rose Garden, New Lake, Fateh Burj, Gurudwara Amb Sahib, Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, etc. Apart from that, Mohali being the sports hub of Punjab, also draws many people from various parts of the country and beyond every day. Its 8 multipurpose complexes housing a number of sports facilities are always crowded. As much as tourists always seek a place to relax and taste some exotic foods and beverages, cafes offer a nice getaway to the sports enthusiasts. This contributes to our excitement as we offer café franchise business opportunities in Mohali to entrepreneurs like you to capitalise.

Mohali has one of the largest population of youths coming from all parts of the state and the country. Apart from pursuing a carrier in sports or the IT sector, youngsters also come to study in institutes like Chandigarh University, Army Institute of Law, Indian School of Business, Chandigarh College of Pharmacy, Chandigarh Engineering College, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (Mohali), etc. The youths today love to hang out with friends and indulge into sipping of beverages or treat themselves with snacks. And for a young crowd like Mohali’s, this international food and beverages chain’s offerings would be a perfect treat. This is because the youth of today looks forward to good tastes that may not be necessarily from their own country but from any country of the world. And our menu brings the entire world to the table!

The Chocolate Room Is Spreading Its Franchise Business Wings in Mohali

Marking its presence in almost 23 states in India and 8 countries worldwide and still counting, The Chocolate Room is providing café franchise business opportunities for all the entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs in Mohali. Our motive is to help our franchisees to achieve remarkable business growth. The company aims at creating such a franchise model that minimizes the risks of starting up a new business. The offers that we are proposing will help you get a high return on the amount invested.

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