Coffee Shop Master Franchise Opportunities in Myanmar

In the world of urban culture, coffee is something that is seen as ambition and trendy. It is increasingly becoming a lifestyle and cafes are being considered the best places to be in between work and leisure. Thus, outside of the home and office, cafes have turned out to be a next place where people tend to spend time because of the emotional connection found there. Chatting over a coffee with dear ones in a cool chocolate café with fun filled and vibrant atmosphere is something both young and old generation equally wish for. If you too are a coffee lover and passionate about doing business, then Chocolate Room Café can provide a cool and designed for success business model that is, Café Master Franchise in Myanmar.

Why Chocolate Room Café Master Franchise in Myanmar?

Café master franchise business can thrive very well in Myanmar (also known as Burma) for numerous healthy reasons. The nation is popularly known as specialty coffee’s most recent golden child with coffee industry growing at an unimaginable rate. Alongside such development, equally rising is the coffee consumption. This trendy coffee culture is seen throughout Burma and more prominent in Yangon, also known as Rangoon. Not just sophisticated coffee shops, even the street carts serve coffee. The country has high literacy rate and student population is exceedingly high. Many café franchises or coffee bars here are seen crowded with students having a relaxing time. Such an evident coffee scene in Myanmar is definitely beneficial for the development of Chocolate Room café master franchise. Besides, the large student population, serving as unfailing customer base, is enough to keep café master franchising from Chocolate Room going great.

The explosive growth of chocolate café franchises in Burma is due to the changing food preferences, emerging middle-class and the curiosity to experience something new. Majority of the people concur that chic coffee shops are the best places to hang out with friends, to spend productive time during work breaks and to escape from the noise outside. Earlier, only the international tourists used to throng cafes but today, local visitors and local people are very much part of the changing coffee scene in Myanmar. This is undeniably a positive sign for business enthusiasts who are on a lookout for café franchising. If you are one among such business aspirers, you can readily benefit from the Chocolate Room café master franchise that offers a well-designed business concept along with trusted support.


In addition, there are amazing places in Burma that draw in a huge number of local and international tourists- be any season of the year. The most visited places include beaches, natural trails, ancient cities, etc. Nabule, Ngapali, Mergui, Inle Lake, Putao, Bagan, Mrauk-U, Pindaya, Kengtung Shwedagon paya, Bagaya Kyaung, Mandalay Hill, Shwe In Bin Kyaung, Anada Pahto, Dhammayangyi Pahto, Shittaung Paya, Ngahtatgyi Paya are some of the best tourist spots. Although foreign travellers are prohibited from entering few of the tourist places in Myanmar, there is no dearth of local visitors. Therefore, such tourist spots full of fun, vibrancy and life are very much ideal for café master franchise from Chocolate Room. Moreover, individuals considering food and beverage franchise business should understand that a business that depends majorly on locals is certain to develop successfully in the long run. So, take a positive plunge and be a part of Chocolate Room café master franchise in Myanmar.

As per McKinsey, one fourth of Burma’s population possibly will live in big cities and its economy could improve four times by 2030. This means further increase in urbanisation. According to economists, its metropolitan middle class is set to double over the succeeding decade. Such a rapid social process is sure to boost consumer demand for food and beverages. This means a potential breeding ground for café master franchise and sub-franchises of Chocolate Room.

Why wait until tomorrow? If you have the right business attitude, Chocolate Room has the perfect opportunity to complement your approach towards entrepreneurship. Make a wise business decision, choosing café master franchise from Chocolate Room and get the required support to develop your franchising in Myanmar. As a master franchisee of Chocolate Room Café, you will get ready access to its tempting menu, store operations support, training, recruitment methodologies, marketing guidance and the legal rights to Chocolate Room café master franchise in Myanmar.

Chocolate Room Cafe penetrates international markets. This time, it is Café Master Franchise in Myanmar.

Chocolate Room Cafe, representing itself proudly in 20+ states and 50+ cities across India, has grown to an International brand with overall 235 plus stores. With such an impressive presence, today, Chocolate Room cafe is more enabled to spread the most cherished chocolate culture through many more outlets in different regions of Myanmar. Such a unique chocolate café master franchise initiative is sure to provide multiple value added business opportunities across Myanmar. Be an esteemed part of India’s No.1 chocolate cafe brand today!

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