Coffee Shop Master Franchise Opportunites in Philippines

The warm aroma of coffee is simply irresistible and equally tempting is the Cafe Master Franchise from Chocolate Room that after a tremendous success in India, is offering lucrative franchising opportunities to individuals with entrepreneurship bent. If you are an ardent lover of coffee and wish to run your very own cafe in Philippines, then franchise business model is the easiest and shortest route to business success. Through Chocolate Room cafe master franchise, you can enjoy the privilege of developing trendy and profitable coffee shop franchises under you and also create employment opportunities too.

Why Chocolate Room Café Master Franchise in Philippines?

Philippines is one of the world’s greatest biodiversity and is abundant in natural resources. In terms of population, it is the eighth largest in Asia and 12th largest in the world. It is also among the “Next Eleven” economies by Goldman Sachs. The island country exhibits multiple ethnicities and cultures, both eastern and western. However, regardless of race and civilization, Filipinos love for coffee is undeniable; drinking coffee continues to be an integral part of their lives because of the strong western influence. The increased number of cafes, fast food centers and restaurants is the direct result of American influence on Filipinos’ food preferences. Therefore, food and beverage business, especially, the Chocolate Room café master franchise in Phillipines can thrive well.

Philippines exhibit high consumerism and hence the presence of three largest malls in the world here. This is another notable thing that can favor café master franchise here. Shopping is relatively cheap and hence Filipinos buy things regardless of the need. Thus, the shopping malls are seen over crowded even during the off-sale season. Not just malls, there are umpteen number of open markets and flea markets too. These shopping spots receive highest footfall and setting up café franchises around these areas is a suitable and money-spinning undertaking. Chocolate Room café master franchise concept can make such a franchising venture more convenient and more doable.

Tourism is a key economic contributor to the economy of Philippines that offers growth and employment opportunities to millions of Filipinos. As one of the top 10 biologically mega diverse countries, it attracts travellers from different corners of the world, majorly from South Korea, Japan, China, the Unites States, Europe, etc. The white sand beaches, rain forests, diving spots, mountains, caves, rock formations, islands, etc. are the major attractions in Philippines. Thus, any country receiving large number of travellers is café business friendly and travellers are fond of coffee and the refreshing effect it offers. Therefore, café master franchise from Chocolate Room can be rewarding.


The most popular tourist sports to mention include Magellan’s Cross, Banaue Rice Terraces, Tubbataha Reef (World Heritage Site), Chocolate Hills, etc. Irrespective of the season, these places are seen thronged by many people all around the year and hence ideal for Chocolate Room café master franchise. Travel + Leisure has cited Boracay beach in Philippines as the best island in the world. Besides, the warm climate, relaxing beaches, paired with low cost of living makes Philippines one of the favourite retirement destinations for foreigners. In general, elderly people socialise more and what could be more amazing than coffee shops or bistros to hangout. Therefore, as a café master franchisee, you can develop several coffee shop franchises along with your own master franchise café, catering to such older generation in Philippines and make huge profits.

Young and ambitious individuals in Philippines can take advantage of Chocolate Room’s effective café master franchise initiative. The wide range of coffee confections along with chocolate fudge, mousse, pastas, pizzas, paninos, sandwiches, offered by Chocolate Room café are equally appealing to young and old. Therefore, such a tempting and award winning menu is certain to win customers’ hearts and in turn create a huge loyal customer base for your café master franchise. In addition, Chocolate Room cafe also extends training, assistance with store operations, staff recruitment and marketing strategies for constant business success. Get started with your master franchise from Chocolate Room and fulfil your business dreams effortlessly.

Chocolate Room Cafe penetrates international markets. This time, it is Café Master Franchise in Philippines.

Chocolate Room Cafe, representing itself proudly in 20+ states and 50+ cities across India, has grown to an International brand with overall 235 plus stores. With such an impressive presence, today, Chocolate Room cafe is more enabled to spread the most cherished chocolate culture through many more outlets in different regions of Philippines. Such a unique chocolate café master franchise initiative is sure to provide multiple value added business opportunities across Philippines. Be an esteemed part of India’s No.1 chocolate cafe brand today!

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