Coffee Shop Franchise Opportunities in Pune

A vision of being a successful entrepreneur materialises quickly and easily with a food franchise business because of the numerous advantages the concept offers. Emerging trends in socialising, relationship-management, software culture, changing food consumption patterns, increasing urbanisation, etc. are enhancing the café franchise culture. Moreover, a coffee shop such as The Chocolate Room creates the perfect ambience for young urbanites for hanging out while catching on quick refreshments anywhere at any time. Establishing The Chocolate room franchise store is a low cost opportunity which is a big boon for food business aspirants who are struggling with inadequate capital.

Why The Chocolate Room Franchise in Pune?

Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra, is one of the largest cities in India and one of the fastest growing cities in Asia-Pacific region. As per the ‘Mercer 2015 Quality of Living Rankings’ Pune ranked at 145 in India for its better living conditions. Pune has the eighth largest metropolitan economy and the sixth highest per capita income in the country. In addition, rich in food lovers, it is marked as a progressing food business hub. Being the city with sixth highest per capita income in India, it has many expert resources and huge talented pool creating a favourable ground for The Chocolate Room store. With Pune being a multicultural city, its food culture is going international; offering world-fusion gastronomy and Italian cooking delights. Although there are already plenty of eateries, there is a high demand for further expansion in accordance with the growing crowds of students, migrants and professionals from around the world. This can generate a huge consumer base for The Chocolate Room coffee shop.

Pune has already emerged as a noticeable location for IT industry. The Hinjewadi IT Park in the city that is officially known as Rajeev Gandhi IT Park has not only eased many employment opportunities for job seekers but also opportunities for food business investors. Major chunk of today’s young adult generation is absorbed by IT industry and Pune houses major software companies like Tata technologies, Wipro, IBM, Tech Mahindra, Tata Consultancy Services, Geometric Limited, Accenture, Cybage, etc. Such a vast pool of young professionals from the industry, paves for increased consumption of easily available, ready to eat and affordable food such as sandwiches, wraps, chocolate fudge, coffee, smoothies, shakes, pastries, puddings, etc. This in turn creates suitable environment for The Chocolate Room Kiosk in IT Park’s cafeteria.

The chocolate room Pune

Pune has no dearth of young adults from the middle class and hence taking up a franchise business model is a good way to capitulate satisfying returns on investment. Having a store near to Colleges, Universities and IT companies that amass huge crowds can be very beneficial for food and beverage franchise business. Thus, the city proves to be abundant in business opportunities to satiate business aspirants.

With numerous distinguished colleges and universities, the city has emerged as chief centre of learning. It houses 100 plus educational institutes and several deemed universities such as College of engineering, The Deccan Education Society, Symbiosis International University, ILS Law College, Armed Forces Medical College, etc. The prestigious University of Pune is a learning hub for students from all over the world. Besides, the city is the primary centre for Japanese learning in India. Also popular for other foreign languages such as German that is taught at the Goethe Institut and French, taught at Alliance Francaise, the city has no dearth of young students and adults. There are also some chief research institutes such as Agharkar Research Institute, Armament Research Development Establishment, Army Institute of Technology, Automotive Research Association of India, Defence Research and Development Organisation, etc. As a consequence, these young and dynamic students and professionals from all over India and abroad serve as possible customers for their need of sweet and chocolaty intervals. Hence having The Chocolate Room franchise near to such colleges, universities or education institutes is a good way to take advantage of such a huge consumer base and capitulate satisfying returns on investment.

Pune houses many lavish multiplexes and cinema theatres such as INOX, E Square, City Pride, Big Cinemas, Fame, etc. In addition, the city is also a home to beautiful and worth-visiting parks such as Saras Baug, Bund Garden, Empress Garden, Peshwa Udyan, Kamala Nehru Park,Sambhaji Park, etc. These interesting multiplexes and parks attract innumerable leisure seeking crowds. Since fun and food goes along well, establishing The Chocolate Room Kiosk or compact model at such places is definitely a lucrative idea.

Pune proves to be abundant in The Chocolate Room franchise business opportunities to satiate its café business aspirants: considering the staggering number of students and office goers seeking a leisure time to break away from the mundane tedious work, a coffee shop that is easily accessible from their college, workplace, home or hostel may prove beneficial. Therefore, act now. When you become The Chocolate Room franchisee, you get all the crucial support needed for any first time café owner. Along with the store designing, layout, training and operating, you also get assistance in locating an affordable and perfect place for your store.

The Chocolate Room is spreading its franchise business wings in Pune.

The Chocolate Room, representing itself proudly in 20+ states and 50+ cities, has grown to 200 plus stores across India today. Getting bigger progressively, now it is expanding its territories in Pune by providing countless franchise opportunities across the city. The Chocolate Room is creating a new chocolate culture in Pune. Many new areas are added up to the list regularly, as the franchise expansion plans in Pune are quite high.

Current Locations of The Chocolate Room Franchise in Pune.

Pune – Aundh
Pune – Shivaji Nagar
Pune – F C Road

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