Low Cost Coffee Shop Franchise Opportunities in Shimla?

That warm feeling of sipping a cup of coffee or hot chocolate at a hill station is truly enthralling. And when talking about hill stations, how can we not talk about Shimla? With over some lakh tourists annually, Shimla is one of the best places to set up your own foods and beverages café. But on your own you might struggle. On the other hand, a brand name like ours can be the ultimate boost. Therefore, to ease the burden of heavy investment and risk for the entrepreneurs like you, The Chocolate Room is offering low cost coffee shop franchise opportunities in Shimla. With one of our franchisee, you can also slash down the cut-throat competition prevailing in this industry.

Why The Chocolate Room Franchise in Shimla?

Shimla is a city with vast historical significance and is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. With its tall and pointed buildings of the British era, Shimla offers some of the unforgettable views of life. With tourism as the main source of income, the population here is highly literate. Tourists from all over India and the world come to visit the city for its ravishing outlooks. And the tourists want? They only want a place to relax and enjoy a plate of delightful dishes or drinks along with the sightseeing tour. To fulfil this, you can make use of our coffee café franchise opportunities in Shimla and open a vibrant and welcoming cafe. Our low cost business opportunities are custom made with a wide variety of plans.

The major source of employment in Shimla is tourism and the public sectors. The city is also the regional hub for transport and healthcare; medical tourism gets a different definition here as holidays are tagged along with treatment. Shimla is also the busiest city of Himachal Pradesh, people from all over the state stop by here en route to all other parts of India. Apart from these, industries, the state government’s initiatives to promote the IT sector in the city also is making Shimla an emerging market. What do these imply? If you haven’t realised yet, these convert Shimla into a fertile market where café business opportunities become more attractive as they promise success and profitability. Then what are you waiting for? Come and join us on the journey of success by taking up our food franchise opportunities in Shimla.

The chocolate  room Shimla

From being the summer capital of British India in 1864 to the capital of Himachal Pradesh and then to the present day, Shimla has travelled a long way. Famous for various tourist attractions, the city is highly rich in its culture and heritage. From the tall and pointed buildings and a few cathedrals, the city also has ancient temples such as Sankat Mochan, Jakhoo Temple, Tara Devi Temple, etc. Shimla is also home to South Asia’s one and only natural ice skating rink. Adventurous tourists come here for the exhilarating experience of the routes to the state interiors. Therefore, the city welcomes all kinds of tourists making way for various business opportunities in Shimla including the food and beverage business.

Talking about the education sector, Shimla has always been famous for some of the best schools in India. Therefore, the city is always filled with school-going children from various parts of the country. Moreover, Shimla also has a lot of higher education institutions, for example, Indira Gandhi Medical College, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Himachal Pradesh University, Himachal Pradesh University Business School, University Institute of Information Technology, Himachal Pradesh University (UIIT), APG (Alakh Prakash Goyal) Shimla University, etc. Therefore, the city also welcomes a large number of university and college students from the entire state. Where there are students, there is always a better scope for small business opportunities. This is why we are offering our food and beverage franchise opportunities in Shimla for business enthusiasts like you.

The Chocolate Room Is Spreading Its Franchise Business Wings in Shimla

We are an internationally recognised food and beverages company, famous for our café franchise business opportunities. We are keenly waiting for you to come and exploit the opportunities available in your city. The Chocolate Room is already present in 23 Indian States and 8 countries. And, we have a strong vision to help you accomplish your dream to become an entrepreneur by providing you low cost small business opportunities in Shimla.

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