Coffee Shop Franchise Opportunities in Vasco da Gama?

Named after the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, the largest Goan city is a great place to explore food and beverage, especially that are chocolate-based and flavours of coffee. If you are an entrepreneur, or aspiring to be one, low cost coffee café franchise opportunities in Vasco da Gama are also right there. The Chocolate Room brings a creative, considerate, successful and internationally recognised franchise model that would perfectly match your requirement. Just like coffee is an all-weathered universal need, our brand has proved to be the solution to the needs of those who want to own a place that serves great food and drinks, offers an electric ambiance, and hosts crowd from all age groups.

Why The Chocolate Room Franchise in Vasco da Gama?

When tourism in India is thought about, it is Goa that immediately comes to mind. Goa is the smallest state in India, but the most visited state both by domestic as well as the internationals tourists. And while coming to Goa, one has to enter through the historic city of Vasco da Gama- or simply Vasco. The sole airport of the state, as well as the main railway station, are here. The city itself is a major tourist attraction, apart from being the education, culture, and export hub of the state. its beaches, greenery, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, street shopping etc. make it a perfect travel destination as much as a place to live. That means a food and beverage franchise opportunity in Vasco from The Chocolate Room can provide you a vital access to run a successful business in a thriving market.

Vasco da Gama is a perfect mixture of what is old and new and Indian and European (especially Portuguese) because of its over 500-year long history. The architectural monuments of Vasco are some of the oldest (European) and most beautiful in the country and hard to ignore. The St. Andrew’s church is the most important among them. The Mormugao Fort, the nearby old Goa with its dozens of must-visit monuments are not far behind the list. The Naval Aviation Museums (one of such three of India), the Chicalim Church and Vasco clock tower also can be seen flooded with crowds throughout the year while helping the food and beverage sector to serve more people- and creating further business franchise opportunities in Vasco.

The chocolate room Vasco Da Gama

Vasco also has its share of beautiful Goan beaches. The Bogmalo Beach, Velsao Beach, Baina Beach, the Hollant Beach, the Dona Paula Beach and the viewpoint are the most famous among the travelers in Vasco. The city also has the credit of being one of the few natural harbors in India. After visiting the beaches, the Japanese Garden, taking boat rides on the Zuari River, going scuba diving, checking out Vasco’s municipal market, Salim Ali Bird sanctuary, the Bondla wildlife sanctuary etc. people try to get themselves recharged with some good food, coffee and chocolate drinks. That is what traveling in Goa is all about. With our coffee shop business franchise opportunities in Vasco, you can have your café filled with people that want to chill out in a place that adds to their Goa memories.

Vasco da Gama is not just about tourists and their appetite. The locals and their culture, students that immigrate to study, and the business class people also make the market what it is for small business opportunities. Prestigious institutes like the National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, the Birla Institute of Technology & Science, the Mormugao Educational Society’s College of Arts and Commerce etc. attract students and researchers from across India and beyond. Similarly, the hang-out culture of Vasco from the Portuguese days, the carnival, all bright ideas that indirectly shape businesses, the lively birthday parties and love stories unfold in cafes like The Chocolate Room.

The Chocolate Room Is Spreading Its Franchise Business Wings in Vasco da Gama

Continuing our successful journey in India, now we are in the state that is in every traveler’s list. With more than 250 store worldwide and happy entrepreneurs in our family, it is time to ask you to come and join us in Vasco! We will hold you set up your store and be proud to see your business run successfully. Go through our model, and you would realize why The Chocolate Room café franchise opportunities in Vasco da Gama are among the best.

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