Forget Fancy Plating, Just Scoop them Out of the Jar Instead

If you follow the reality shows that revolve around cooking and baking, they are also graded based on the presentation and the plating skills.

But with the changing times and thanks to innovative ideas, the latest thing doing the trends is serving desserts in a jar.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? In fact, you must have come across the brownie in a mug too. It was trending on Social Media a while back. While some claimed that it was easy, some said that it did not work out for them, and it was much of a disaster.

Do you want to go into the stress of trying these out at home? Not me, of course. I’d rather pamper my sweet tooth with the best of the best brownies or cakes in jars that are served by some of the best bakers and coffee shops in town.

When we talk about chocolate and desserts and coffee, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A cozy warm place, with soft music, small groups of young and old crowds doing the chatter and ordering exotic and warm desserts and coffees, right? On the contrary, even a sole chocolate lover can find a place in a corner and enjoy their book with a mouthful of these cakes in jars. They look so pretty that you need no company to share it with.


At The Chocolate Room, which is a home to all dessert lovers, these cakes come in a variety of dessert options. Eggless cakes, or the regular ones, ask for it and you shall be served. The flourless Tiramisu sundae, being one of them. This Italian dessert, in the form of chocolates or cakes, is one great mouthwatering delight.

Let me introduce you to some delicious Jar Cakes. You must try these newly introduced cakes in a jar –

  • Trio
  • Chocolate Overload
  • Ferrero Rocher

You know what the secret ingredient is, in the above mentioned cake jars? It is CHOCOLATE! Has to be, isn’t it?

Chocolate can heal every pain, take away the stress, give you all the energy and make your mood so much better. In better words, chocolate isn’t an addiction, it is just a necessity.

So, try out these new jar cakes and tell us what you think. And if you want us to introduce new flavors in our menu, just write into us. We are always up for suggestions.

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